From Art To Parcel

Your Journey With Us

We are truly delighted that you have chosen to shop with us – but what does that mean exactly? Here we will take through the process step by step. Everything on our site is made to order from scratch and as such we are not a traditional retailer holding stock for dispatch. It does, however, mean that you are ordering a truly one of a kind version of your chosen artwork. Let’s dig a little deeper…

Step One – Place An Order

Once you’ve checked out all of our lovely offerings and chosen the frame and size to suit you, it’s time to place that order! We offer Credit Card and PayPal transactions so you’re in safe hands from the get-go.

Step Two – Making The Frame

Next up we create your chosen frame – as previously mentioned – from scratch, by hand. Expertly cut to size and put together, this is the first building block. Once the frame has been checked for quality it’s wrapped in protective film until it is required later in the process.

Step Three – Printing & Fixing

With the frame made we turn to the image itself. We only use high-quality prints and the best printing techniques to manufacture your art. One of our graphics team will check the image before it is placed into your shiny new frame and the glass is fixed ton the front.

Step Four – Adding Some Sparkle

Once we have the frame assembled and image inside, we can start to work our magic. A combination of glitter resins, crushed glass and Swarovski crystals make our artwork really sparkle, and what’s more because we do everything by hand no two finished artworks are the same – hence a truly unique piece of art.

Step Five – Time To Dry

Now that we’ve embellished your picture with some glitter and shine we need to let it dry. Most of our artwork (depending on its size) takes 24-48 hours to dry. This is the longest part of the process but a necessary one to ensure the best possible product being sent out.

Step Six – Packing And Shipping

Once everything has dried and we’ve performed our final checks, your art is ready to ship! We use custom made dropship boxes to keep the frame and art safe in transit. We utilise a network of couriers for optimal delivery times and avoid any backlog.